Lu Lin

Partner 北京

Mr. Lu Lin joined NLVC in July 2012. He has 14 years working experience both in traditional internet and mobile internet, with his main concerns on the early stage investing of mobile internet, cloud computing and etc. Before joining NLVC, Lu Lin used to serve in Zhejiang Telecom and Baidu Mobile Department. During the period of working in Baidu mobile department, he took the position of the senior manager and successively undertook the product design and management for the Baidu Mobile, Baidu Search and Baidu App Store. When working in Zhejiang Telecom, he took the responsibilities of designing and programming the Zhejiang Telecom portal website and mobile service. In addition, he was also the consultant for the Tianyi read and other projects.

Mr. Lu Lin received his bachelor degree in the Jiangsu University in industry design.

  • 1998 Zhejiang Telecom
  • 2010 Baidu
  • 2012 NLVC
  • NOW