Zhi Tan

Venture Partner 北京

Zhi Tan joined NLVC in 2009. He brings extensive management and operational experience to the team. Starting from 2004, Dr. Tan was the President of Shanghai Framedia Advertising Development Ltd (Framedia) one of the largest community advertising networks in China. Under his leadership, revenues grew from RMB 36 million to RMB 1.2 billion in 3 years. The company was later acquired by Focus Media for US$ 183 million. Prior to Framedia, Dr. Tan served as senior advisor to Chinese media company Tom Group Limited on strategic development as well as mergers and acquisitions. From 1999 to 2002, Dr. Tan served as the CEO of 8848.net, notably the largest online e-commerce company at the time in China. Before joining 8848.net, Dr. Tan was the vice president of Microsoft China and oversaw sales channels and business partnerships. He also served as the senior vice president of UTStarcom, China. In the early 1990s, Dr. Tan joined Chipcom as its General Manager of China Chipcom, a leading manufacturer of networking products, was later became part of Nortel Networks.

Dr. Tan graduated from the Computer Science and Technology Department of Jilin University in China in 1980, and received his Ph.D in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Massachusetts in 1987.

  • 1996 Chipcom
  • 1997 UTStarco
  • 1998 Microsoft
  • 1999 8848.net
  • 2002 Tom Group
  • 2004 Framedia
  • 2009 NLVC
  • NOW