Chen Liji

Senior Associate 北京

Dr. Chen Liji joined NLVC in 2020 and he is responsible for innovative IVD and life science tools investment. He possesses healthcare product development experience as well as investment experience in both IVD and life science tools industry.

Prior to joining NLVC, he was responsible for the product development of a POCT product integrating both molecular diagnostics as well as immunodiagnostics and he had experience in the entire process of FDA registration. He also worked at AB Sciex and participated in the development work of both mass spectrometer as well as sequencing instruments. He joined BOE technology group’s chief strategy organization and was responsible for healthcare investment after returning to China.

Dr. Chen received his Bachelor degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Master degree from University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D degree from Duke University. He studied after Richard Fair, the inventor of digital microfluidics, at Duke University. Dr. Chen has deep experience in both academic research as well as product development involving.

  • 2015 baebies
  • 2017 AB Sciex
  • 2018 BOE
  • 2020 NLVC
  • NOW