Fiona Yu

Partner 上海

Fiona joined NLVC in 2014, bringing to the firm more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and her strong strategic consulting skillset. Since joining NLVC, Fiona has helped grow the company’s portfolio of healthcare investments to more than 60 companies spanning the biotechnology, diagnostics, digital health, and medical technology spaces. To date, she has been the lead investor on 15 of those investments, and she sits on the boards of five of those organizations. Currently, she works closely with a number of companies, including Cytek Biosciences, Taimei, and Immune-Onc.

Prior to NLVC, Fiona worked at Johnson & Johnson for more seven years, and she also worked in Monitor Deloitte, serving local and multi-national healthcare companies through strategic consulting services.

Fiona holds a BS degree from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and an MBA from Duke University. She has been honored as a “young investor to watch” by Zero2IPO and FoF Weekly.

  • 2004 Johnson & Johnson Medical
  • 2013 Monitor Deloitte
  • 2014 NLVC
  • NOW