Lu Lin

Partner 北京

Lu Lin joined NLVC in July 2012, bringing with him 14 years of experience in traditional and mobile internet. He focuses on early-stage investments for mobile internet and cloud computing at NLVC—in this capacity, he currently supports XSKY, a software-defined storage company; VIPKID, an internet education technology firm for which he once served as a part-time CTO; and Yuanbao, a fast-growing startup in the insurance space. Lu believes that thinking like an entrepreneur when giving advice to other entrepreneurs is one of the most powerful ways to grow the companies he invests in, and he has seen great success from conveying his philosophy on everything from brand strategy to change management.

Before joining NLVC, Lu held multiple roles at Zhejiang Telecom and Baidu Mobile Department. At Zhejiang Telecom, Lu was responsible for designing and programming the company’s portal website and mobile service. While at Baidu, Lu served as senior product manager, a role through which he successfully helmed the product design and management of Baidu Mobile, Baidu Search, and Baidu App Store.

Lu holds a bachelor’s degree from Jiangsu University in industrial design.

  • 1998 Zhejiang Telecom
  • 2010 Baidu
  • 2012 NLVC
  • NOW